It is my fundamental belief that I am my brothers keeper that will make this country work. I have this personal conviction that one day we will rise above our ethnic divide , above our individualism, above materialism and above our personal needs. That time our tribes will never slice and dice our nation as it has done since independence. We will embrace our unity in diversity and the son of a peasant and a nobody like me will lead this great nation, thisis the hope of tomorrow ,the audacity of hope. The third liberation is coming , yes I see it approaching . A generation is coming that will never be conscious about their tribes but by the fact that God made us equal I believe in this ideal that there is a great hope for this nation, yes the audacity of hope. Leaders will govern not to enrich themselves but to take this great republic forward. To all those who have lost you are not a lesser Kenyan! to those who have won ,do not be proud . Have this in mind you needed the loser to win, Let us embrace peace, unity ,,love ,harmony and above all let brotherly love reign. We need to move forward and accept the fact that the growth of this nation is above our individual gains. To the chosen leaders: please spent considerable time in building the unity of the populace. To our Spiritual leaders please nurse the wounds of the losers and the ego of the winners. Finally, let us accept accept we are a unique nation : Christians , Hindu, Muslim, Traditionalists ,atheists and secularists and all have equal rights as enshrined in the Bill of rights in our constitution. Below is the Preamble of our Constitution. ACKNOWLEDGING: the supremacy of the Almighty God of all creation. HONOURING: those who heroically struggled to bring freedom and Justice to our land PROUD: of our ethnic , cultural and religious diversity, and determined to live in peace and unity as one indivisible sovereign nation. RESPECTFUL: of the environment, which is our heritage, and determined to sustain it for the benefit of future generations. COMMITTED: to nurturing and protecting the well being of the individual , the family, communities and the nation. RECOGNISING: the aspirations of all Kenyans for a government based on the essential values of human rights, equality, freedom, democracy, social justice and the rule of law. EXERCISING: our sovereign and inalianable right to determine the form of governance of our country and having participated fully in the making of this constitution: ADOPT,ENACT and give this constitution to ourselves and to our future generations. THANK YOU ALL MUTHAMA MUENDO , PATRIOT(MZALENDO).

Remembering Nelson Mandela’s Contribution to Sports

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Of all the words that have been spilled about Nelson Mandela over the years, perhaps the most interesting center around his thoughts on and contributions to the arena of sports. Mandela understood sports to be a powerful unifier, which is why he backed the Springboks, South Africa’s (long reviled) national rugby…


Many people wake up every morning without knowing what they are supposed to do in life.Majority engage themselves in activities to keep themselves busy and get money . without a sense of purpose people wake up to chase after things they are not  supposed to chase after. Consequently , many people end up in the… Continue reading LIVING YOUR PURPOSE By MUTHAMA MUENDO

#Mystical 777.# Today is the day when many mystical minded people with limited knowledge of the scriptures will have told you that the world will come to an end. What lends credence to this idea is the fact that , seven according to bible scholars, is the number of God.But do not be deceived the bible puts it clear in the book of Matthew chapter 24 concerning the events preceding the Second coming of Jesus as king and judge, be on the watch out.